How does Live Streaming Become Popular on CharmLive?

2 min readJan 13, 2021
On CharmLive meet broadcasters from all over the world.

I believe that 2020 was tough for all of us (so we get relaxed on CharmLive). It is not easy to see people dying, streets used to be crowded now empty, un-employed people stressed out and so on.

During this special time did you notice that you spend much more time on internet interacting with people on live straming? CharmLive saw a rapid growth of daily active users in 2020 under the time of lockdown. Not only CharmLive but also many other livestream platforms are thrive.

Many broadcasters sign up in CharmLive. They come from every corner of the world. However to become live cam girls on CharmLive they need to be verified and qualified. This is for ensuring the high quality live video on As for watch videao stream you only need to sign up with your email which is 100% free and safe.

To stay safe. to protect yourself and your loved ones online dating is the new normal. The face-to-face dates are long gone for pre-COVID time. Have you thought about video dating? Now this is happening. On CharmLive you can interact directly with the live cam girls. Do not imagine they are well-known influencers. They are just like you who are bored and lonely, want to talk to people in a safe way.

CharmLive has a amount of live cams you can browse and watch. Join it, maybe it is more than broadcasting.